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Welcome to the Top Cats - Illinois! We are devoted to promoting the sport of safe motorcycling. Our members are social by nature, and we host many types of activities, but our emphasis is on riding. We average more than 25 rides a season... most last a few hours, others are for a day. Several last a weekend and even longer.  We are business owners, leaders, and executives... but most importantly motorcycle riders and enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of safe riding.  
Group Riding And Safety Seminar A major focus of the Top Cats is to provide a safe riding environment for our members and guests. To promote this environment, we conduct a Group Riding and Safety Seminar, or G.R.A.S.S., for our members and guests. Attendance at a G.R.A.S.S. session is required for all new members. Non-members are welcome. G.R.A.S.S. does not teach you how to simply teaches our members and guests how the Top Cats ride safely.  
Ride For Dreams Every year the Top Cats - Illinois hold a major fundraising event for our favorite charity - NISRA: the Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association.  All riders are invited to join us for our Ride for Dreams in July…a fun-filled day that features a leisurely 100 mile ride through the countryside.  Registration includes continental breakfast, lunch after the ride, music, and an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets. Be sure to put this on your calendar!   To date, the Top Cats - Illinois have contributed more than $226,000 to NISRA from the proceeds of this event.  
Membership Top Cats - Illinois is a not-for-profit association. The Regular Members are motorcycle enthusiasts who own a business or are employed in an executive position with authority over a division, department or other entity within a business, governmental, charitable, or educational organization, or who are motorcycle enthusiasts that are sponsored as Associate members by Regular Members. Interested in joining? Come to one of our general meetings and introduce yourself!  

President's Message

TravelerWelcome                               to the website world of the Top Cats-Illinois!

As you browse our pages, you will gain an understanding of who we are, what we are about, and where we are going.  What you won't gain is a solid grasp of who we are as people, who we are as riders, and who we are as members of this outstanding organization, Top Cats - Illinois.   Let me explain.....

Originally, Top Cats – Illinois was formed by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who were business men and women.  Their purpose was to enjoy business networking and the sport of motorcycling.  Over the past decade and a half, Top Cats has evolved into a first – class group of motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy conservative and safe riding, socializing, networking, and community involvement.

Today, any visitor to a Top Cat meeting, or a Top Cat event, will quickly realize that our group is one that easily welcomes newcomers, embraces safe riding, and provides opportunities for great riding adventures in a safe environment.

As people, our members are business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs (Top Cats) who are riders, co-riders, or non-riders.  All, however, are motorcycle enthusiasts.  And...they all have three important ideals in common; business networking, safe motorcycling, and community involvement.

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Kaution Korner - September 2014

Look and then Look Again!

By: Larry Scalzittikklary


“Situational Awareness” is never more important than in motorcycling. It’s up to each of to be forever vigilant – always on guard – always scanning ahead – ready to react to what ever may come our way. So we must train ourselves to Look and then Look Again.

In my mind there are three big things that every rider should be well versed in. The first item is awareness and visibility. A rider needs to be visible to others and be able to see and be aware of everything around them. Next, the rider needs to understand how their bike turns, both at slow speeds and higher speeds. And finally all riders must master the two main collision avoidance techniques: Swerving and quick stops. This article addresses the first item.

Too many times you hear about a rider who has had a crash or a near miss. Generally the focus of their anger is on the other person or thing that put them in a place outside their comfort zone.

We’ve all heard these comments before.

“That idiot pulled out in front of me . . .”

“I couldn’t believe they stopped in the middle of the intersection . . .”

“The turn didn’t look that sharp . . .”

“Where did that car come form . . .”

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